Expanding Possibilities
Extending Cooperation

Yemenia believes in growing together with companies in the same business. We assume collaboration makes best form of positive competition. Keeping in view this ideology and to extend our services far beyond our infrastructure, we work together with reputed airlines of world. This not only helps us extend our services but helps us facilitate our customers to all possible levels in our means; that is our mail goal. Yemenia collaborates with following Airlines and take pride in being their partner.

  • British Airways

  • Air Belgium

  • Egypt Air

  • Emirates

  • Ethiopean Airlines

  • Air France

  • Gulf Air Lines

  • K.L.M.Royal Dutch Airlines

  • ROoyal Jordanian Air Lines

  • Kuwait Air Ways

  • Lufthansa

  • Qatar Airways

  • Russian Airways

  • Saudi Arabian Airlines

  • Sudan Airways

  • Syrian Arab Airlines

  • Yemenia